Web Design


Effective web design is judged by the users of the website and not the website owner. Form (how it looks) must be as important as function (how it works).

Responsive, minimalist and user-friendly sites that feature fewer pages, with simpler designs are becoming more prevalent as businesses realise that usability ranks high on the list of potential visitors and customers. 

Simple, intuitive and functional navigation, as well as being fully optimised for the mobile experience, are important features and critical in setting your website apart from the competition.

Search Engine Optimisation is also critical to the success of your online presence. Ensuring your website is set up to make the most of SEO and attain a high organic ranking on search engines should be one of the pillars of your online strategy.

Pop Media will work with you to review, optimise or create a site that suits your business and delivers the best possible user experience.

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