The Hashtag List for Business

the hashtag list for business

The Hashtag List for Business

Level up your social media game for 2020!

We all start a new year with great intentions, resolutions and goals to be consistent with our social media posting. And then it’s February and your poor ol’ socials haven’t had any love!

If you are stuck for imagery and layouts, I always recommend Canva for great templates – they have some terrific images, fonts and backgrounds to make it easy for you.

For those of you that have been to one of my workshops, you know I spend a lot of time on hashtags – they are super important and must be relevant to your post. It can be difficult working out what hashtag to use – it’s a good idea to mix it up so that you are not using the same ones for every post (instagram HATES that).

You can do your own research on posts that you like/follow that get a lot of attention AND you can download my hashtag list for business. Over 50 hashtags for you to copy and paste into your own posts! Remember no more than 30 hashtags in an instagram post – I recommend 11 as a minimum and mix it up every time.

When using hashtags for Facebook – try and include them in the text of your post and don’t overload it. For example: “Join us for this #smallbusinessworkshop on Feb 21st specifically aimed at #entrepreneurs and #businessowners.” 

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I’ll be producing more hashtag lists so let me know if there are any industry specific tags you would like!

Happy posting,


Fiona Mayor