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the best keyword research tools

Keywords are important for pretty much everything you do on the internet. Keywords are how your customers find what they are looking for. They cover everything from blog posts, advertisements, social media posts and website descriptions. If you haven’t done any keyword research for your business close the doors and turn the lights off.  Whisper prayers to the universe that a customer finds you somewhere, somehow.

Finding the right keywords is super easy thanks to our lord and masters, Google. And best of all, it’s free! (Y’all know how much we love free stuff here at Pop Media!) You need two things to use the keyword planner – a google account (like gmail) and a google adwords account. Both of these are free to setup and you don’t need to be running an ad campaign to use the keyword planner tool.

Once you’ve got yourself sorted with this (and there are plenty of step by step guides if you need help) you can either choose to “discover new keywords” or get “search volumes and forecasts” for existing keywords. Let’s stick to the discovery trail for now…

Enter a phrase or word associated with your business, or the URL of a competitor, and see what pops up. If I enter the phrase “social media workshops” for example,  I will see a whole list of alternatives that people are using. I can order them from highest search to lowest and so on.

So blah blah blah this is all very instructional but what can you use all these search terms for?

Use them as hashtags in your social media posts and your blog posts. Include them as content and descriptions on your website and in the bios for your social media accounts. But BEWARE! Google does not like blatant misuse of keywords.  So don’t go crazy and throw them around like a mad dog’s breakfast. They need to be relevant in terms of your copy and whatever product or service you are selling.

Give it  go and let me know if you have any questions. We’ll be covering this topic in more depth in our upcoming Facebook and Instagram Intensive workshop on August 12, so grab your spot today!

PRO TIP: you can also use google auto complete and the search feature in to find great keywords and keyword phrases!

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