Style on a Zero Budget.

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Style on a Zero Budget.


Our personal appearance, much like our social profiles, says a lot about who we are as a person or company. Of course we’ve always been told not to judge a book by it’s cover, but let’s face it we are all judging – ALL. THE. TIME.

You probably want to look like a million dollars and you want your company to look like that too. But how to impart that perfect blend of professionalism, success and approachability, without spending big dollars?

Guess what? You can. Thanks to the magic of the internet you can present a beautifully cohesive style for zero dollars.  That’s right nada. zero. zip.

When I see headings like $0 Design Tools for Your Next Project I get a little bit giddy. I’m going to look amazing and it’s not going to cost me anything except my time? Bring it on.

Click the link above and go crazy friends! You will be a social media style maven in no time. Just remember these golden rules –

  1. Stick to your brand colours and guidelines
  2. Be consistent with filters and layout
  3. Use appropriate hashtags

Good luck! I’ll be judging watching…

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Fiona Mayor