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the ultimate chatgpt guide

Learn how to use AI in your business. With simple explanations, real prompts you can use right now, ideas and actions you can take to maximise ChatGPT for all your business needs and achieve real results.

free 2024 marketing inspiration calendar

Jam packed full of fun content ideas for you social media marketing. With over 300 ideas plus CTAs and reel ideas you'll never be stuck for content again! Download it for free now!

Free lead generation ideas download

Struggling to reach the right audience? Cannot work out where your ideal customer is hiding? Download the list of lead generation ideas now to help scale your business!

the ultimate instagram planner

Create a sustainable social media model that you can create with joy and rely upon to work time and time again. With expert tips and guidance, use this Ultimate Instagram Planner to grow a business that supports you to live a life filled with purpose.

Email Authentication explained

Are your emails suddenly ending up in spam? New email authentication rules came into effect on Feb 1st, 2024. If you haven't authenticated your emails yet, download this free explainer sheet with instructions to help you avoid the dreaded SPAM folder!

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Sick of paying monthly subscription fees? Me too! I changed from Calendly to Tidycal and saved over $150 in one click. A one off lifetime fee with LOADS of features and easy integration, this is one purchase you'll never regret!

the best video and lights creator stand you'll ever use

Stop struggling to film reels or take product shots. This photo/video/lights stand solves all your problems. Create reels with ease for instagram or take overhead and flat lay shots like a professional. Easy to use and convenient to carry around. It gets my tick of approval!

Headphones to block out noise and people

The best headphones for this price point I've ever had. Not only do they look good, the sounds is excellent and no one talks to me when I'm wearing them. Win/Win!