How to Use Your Google Business Profile to Get More Customers

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How to Use Your Google Business Profile to Get More Customers

Without doubt, you have used Google to search for something. It might have been ‘cafés near me’, ‘best wine bars in Melbourne’ or ‘when is Amazon Prime Day’. You’re not alone because Google handles 8.5 billion searches everyday and 59% of those searches are done on a mobile.

The best way to get traffic to your website is through search engines. We all know that Google is THE MOST POPULAR search engine, followed by Bing and Baidu. Google captures the majority of website traffic both on desktop and mobile.

Here’s where the Google Business Profile (GBP), formerly know as Google My Business, comes in. It is a free tool that helps local businesses like yours connect with potential customers and is one of the best local SEO strategies you can use.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this guide:
• How GBP works and why you should use it
• The value of optimising your GBP profile
• How to optimise your GBP profile (including tips for boosting the visibility of your GBP listing).

Did you know that almost 46% of all searches on Google are local?

Did you know that almost 46% of all searches on Google are local? Having a Google Business Profile is essential if you want to appear in search results, but why should you invest time into creating one? The more visible you are — or the more often your business shows up in search results — the better the chances are of drawing people’s attention to you. It’s an innovative and more practical alternative to conventional or paid advertisements. This article will explain what exactly a profile is and why it’s so important for your business.

Google Business Profiles are free to set up, and they show in the search results.

Google Business Profiles are free to set up and show in search results like maps and Local Pack. What is Local pack? Notice the highly visible map that pops up when you search for something (in the image below I have done a search for ‘cafes in Noosa’). The business names that appear next to that map, or sometimes underneath the map image are called the Google Local Pack and there’s a good reason why you should pay attention to it.

using google business profile and local pack

The Local Pack takes up huge real estate on page one of Google search results, and it’s the first thing any Google user will see after they type in their query.

It also includes other relevant information that any potential customer might want to access  — where it’s located on the map, the services provided, the google star rating and links to their website. It’s a convenient feature for both the business and the customers.

A GBP is the biggest determining factor of Google local pack rankings. So, if you’re aiming to connect to your target audience — in this case, the people who are within your service area — verifying, updating, and optimising your online information through Google Business Profile will help.

It’s your own business profile in the Google search results, which means that you can control what customers see when they search for your business.

Your Google Business Profile is your own business profile in the Google search results, which means that you can control what customers see when they search for your business. Your GBP listing is an opportunity to provide more information about your business and how you can assist potential customers. It’s a great way to tell people why they should choose you over the competition, or visit your website. Important information such as store opening hours, services offered, location information and questions and answers about your business can all be included in your GBP and managed by you. You can, and should, update these frequently.

Google reviews can directly increase sales for your business.

Google Business Profile listings are a ranking factor. So even if your website doesn’t directly drive traffic to your business, a GBP listing can help improve your search results and increase the number of people who see it. One of the best ways to improve your ranking factor is with Google reviews.

Reviews increase sales! Google LOVES it when you use more than one of its features. A business with 5 star reviews will rate higher up in the rankings than a business with no reviews, or worse still, bad reviews. Asking your customers for reviews is the best way to get them! You could offer a discount on their next purchase, free shipping, or some other benefit if they leave a 5 star review.

Positive reviews matter. They not only improve your search engine rankings but also serve as free and reliable ads for your business. For instance, customers are more confident to try out a product with many positive reviews as opposed to one with a lot of criticisms. The more positive customer reviews you get, the more chances you have of generating leads and increasing sales.

There is a positive correlation to show that review volume equals an increase in sales. Think about it this way – if you are searching google for a local business or service and what you are looking for pops up in Local Pack AND has positive reviews, you are much more likely to enquire or buy from that business than to continue looking. Users will click Google’s first organic search result 39.6% of the time.

Responding to reviews is also important and you should endeavour to reply to every review that is left on your Google Business Profile. Potential customers WILL read your reviews and also your responses. It’s important to convey the brand values of your business in your replies. Even the best businesses get negative reviews. Don’t take these criticisms personally. Instead, use them to improve your product or service. Negative reviews, when properly utilised, can provide useful information for your next potential customers and to help your business improve.

GBPs are one small part of how Google determines which businesses appear at the top of its search results. While they won’t directly increase traffic to your website, they will help improve how well you rank in Google search results when people look for businesses like yours.

Google Business Profiles are amazingly useful!

Google Business Profile is a free tool that businesses with a physical address can create to connect with potential customers. It’s not only a great way to boost your local SEO, but also an opportunity for you to showcase what makes your business unique. The more complete and accurate information you fill out on the site, the better it will look in search results—and the easier it will be for people to find where you are located.

However, claiming your Google Business Profile is just the first step–you must optimise, frequently check and update your business profile with new information. Use the Q&A section on your GBP like an FAQs section on your website – ask and answer questions which are relevant to your customers. Post updates and photos of your business and update your holiday opening hours and contact information.
Keeping your Google Business Profile updated is important to your success. According to research, an up-to-date Google Business Profile:
• Is 2.7x more likely to be considered more reputable.
• Gets 7x more clicks.
• Is 70% more likely to attract location visits.
• Is 50% more likely to lead to a purchase.

Google Business Profile makes it easy for people to discover your business when they’re searching on google.

Google Business Profile makes it easy for people to discover your business when they’re searching on google. It’s a free tool that helps customers find you. It is directly tied to your business performance in the search results, so if you claim and manage your Google Business Profile listing properly, it can have a significant impact on your local SEO rankings (and thus, the number of customers who come through the door). With a Google Business Profile you can :
• Connect with potential customers
• Post updates about your business
• Share photos of your products or services
• See (and reply to) reviews of your business
• Answer frequently asked questions about your business
• List the offerings and services you provide
• Accept online orders
• Drive traffic to your website

I hope that this article has helped you understand why your Google Business Profile is so important. If you need any help setting yours up or managing it, get in touch with us here We’re always happy to help out our clients with any questions they have about their online presence and reputation management.

Fiona Mayor