Google Trends…So Hot Right Now.

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Using google trends can give you the edge over your competitors, drive traffic to your website and boost your engagement on social media platforms.

Google is synonymous with search the world over. “Just google it” is a common refrain when you want to find out anything from where the nearest service station is to the mating rituals of the Amazonian pink dolphin.

Google processes around 40,000 search queries PER SECOND! Apart from allowing users to view interesting and useful information, Google has a vast amount of data on exactly what people are searching for which can be used for research and marketing.

Enter Google Trends.

What is Google Trends?

Examining what people search for provides a unique perspective on what they are currently interested in and curious about. It is anonymous, categorised and aggregated meaning you can see what topics and queries have been popular in searches. Google Trends will also give access to data containing how often specific searches have been made over a certain period of time, which you can specify in the filters. It is extremely useful for reviewing your SEO strategy or for finding topics to post about on social media that will generate the most engagement.

How Do I Use Google Trends?

To get started go to the Google Trends home page here and enter your search term or topic. Refine your results by choosing your location and timeframe. You can refine further by checking the trends in only one category (ie. Home and Garden) and choose to search the entire web or drill down into a search for images, news, shopping or Youtube.

Over a period of 12 months, people searched for “McDonald’s delivery” 1,550% more often in Australia than in other countries. In the Northern Territory, the rate was almost double that in other states. The term “free McDonald’s delivery” also rates very highly as a search term.

How does this help you the business owner?

But how does this help your business? Let’s say you have an online store selling homemade pasta and you deliver to your customers. By entering the search term “homemade pasta” you will be able to see how that has been trending as a search query over a period of time. We can also see where the search term is most popular and what other related search queries have been entered into google.

In this case the related searches are ” homemade pasta recipes”, “homemade pasta sauce” and “pasta recipes”. By including these search terms in your social media posts as hashtags and on your website as part of your SEO you are going to appear higher in organic searches on google. Which means your product will have more eyes on it and higher engagement. (Obviously you need to have a great product, a great offer and some good visuals as a minimum for people to want to click on your feed or website).

Let’s enter the search term “food delivery” over the same time frame and we find more results that can be used in the same manner. “best food delivery melbourne” as a related search term is up 450% over the last 12 months.

Likewise if you run a seasonal business, like a gelati store, you will want to ramp up your marketing efforts when you see that search terms relevant to your business are trending.

More and more people are now reliant on the internet for everything from food delivery to buying basic household items due to Covid-19. It is worthwhile spending sometime identifying trending topics and search terms to use for your marketing and social media.

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