frequentLY ASKED questions and answers
The simple answer is how long is a piece of string? Websites can start at anywhere from $1200 and go up from there depending on what you need. A basic website would generally consist of a Home, About, Contact and FAQs page. Sites which have custom coding and e-commerce capabilities take more time and are more complex which means they can cost more. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and your budget.

Yes, absolutely! We’re happy to talk to you about what you need and work out something in line with your budget and your requirements.

Yes we do. We’ll never leave you on your own without support and we can organise a support package or a simple hourly rate on an as needs basis. 

Absolutely. We love seeing what you already have and finding out if we can help you to improve it. Ask us for a free consultation of your existing digital and online marketing assets.