Banned Hashtags on Instagram: What You Need to Know

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Banned Hashtags on Instagram: What You Need to Know

Today, we’re diving into a topic that concerns anyone navigating the social media landscape – banned hashtags on Instagram. Whether you’re just starting or you’re already in the digital game, understanding the rules of Instagram is vital for a successful social media presence.

The Basics: What Are Hashtags?

Before we dive into the world of banned hashtags, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page. Hashtags are like digital signposts, helping users discover and categorize content. When you add a hashtag to your Instagram post, you’re essentially saying, “Hey, anyone interested in this topic, come check out my post!”

Why Are Some Hashtags Banned?

You might be wondering, why on earth would Instagram ban certain hashtags? Well, there’s a good reason. Instagram aims to create a safe, enjoyable and positive environment for its users. Some hashtags have been associated with inappropriate, harmful, or spammy content. To protect the community, Instagram keeps a watchful eye on these hashtags and restricts their use.

Common Types of Banned Hashtags

1. Inappropriate Content:

Instagram bans hashtags linked to explicit content, hate speech, and harassment. It’s all about maintaining a respectful and inclusive platform. For example the hashtag #eggplant is banned. Make of that what you will. And don’t post any recipes using eggplant.

2. Spam:

Hashtags that are frequently spammed with irrelevant or repetitive content can get banned. Nobody likes their feed cluttered with spammy posts! The hashtag #dating is currently banned. Clearly Instagram has no desire to become the next Tinder.

3. Illegal Activities:

Instagram takes legal matters seriously. Hashtags associated with illegal activities are a no-go zone.

4. Safety Concerns:

Some hashtags have been banned due to safety concerns. For instance, those linked to self-harm or dangerous behaviours are restricted. The hashtag #selfharm is banned along with #bikinibody. PSA: every body is a bikini body 🙂

Why You Should Care About Banned Hashtags

Here’s the deal: using banned hashtags can lead to your content being hidden or your account being penalised. It’s not just about avoiding inappropriate content – it’s about ensuring that your posts are seen by the right audience.

Imagine spending time crafting the perfect Instagram post, only to find it buried in obscurity because you used a banned hashtag. Not fun, right?

How to Stay on the Right Side of Hashtags

1. Do Your Homework:

Before using a hashtag, check if it’s banned. Instagram frequently updates its list of restricted tags and there are plenty of external sites that list banned hashtags in alphabetical order.

2. Keep It Relevant:

Use hashtags that genuinely relate to your post. Don’t jump on a trending hashtag bandwagon if it’s not relevant to your content.

3. Quality Over Quantity:

It’s not about the number of hashtags you use; it’s about using the right ones. Focus on quality, not quantity.

4. Engage Responsibly:

When you engage with hashtags, do it responsibly. Avoid excessive liking, following, or commenting, which could get you flagged as a spammer.

Banned hashtags on Instagram are like traffic signs guiding you through the social media landscape. Understanding and respecting these guidelines is essential for maintaining a strong and positive online presence. With Pop Media by your side, you can navigate the digital world with confidence, knowing that your social media strategy is in safe hands.

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At Pop Media, we understand that digital marketing can be a maze of rules and best practices. Our mission is to provide hands-on, tailored services to businesses like yours. We ensure that your social media presence aligns with Instagram’s guidelines, keeping your content visible to your target audience.

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