Audit is not a Dirty Word.

Social Media Audit

A new client came to me this week and said “I need 800 signups on my opt-in email form by the end of September. I have 12K followers across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook but my conversion rate is really low. What is the problem?”

A brief look at this client’s social media feed told me everything I needed to know.

The product this client is launching is fantastic – a well thought out piece of equipment ticking all the boxes for portability, sustainability and affordability. Yet no one is buying it. Their feed consisted of short videos and lovely professional images of the product – gorgeous! Except they had forgotten to have a two-way conversation with their followers and potential customers, instead opting to put up pretty pictures and sell, sell, sell.

You people are smart, you get it, you see through that. Straight away.

If your social media strategy consists of only making a sales pitch you are going to be sorely disappointed, because we can get a sales pitch every time we turnaround – on morning television, radio advertisements, in the newspapers, junk mail, billboards. What we can’t get from those traditional types of media is Engagement. Content. A Conversation.

Don’t try and sell me something on social media without buying me a drink first.

So how to rectify this? If your social media isn’t giving you the results you hoped for maybe it’s time to do an audit. (warning: spreadsheets are involved)

A social media audit allows you to review what’s working, what’s failing and what can be improved.

There are plenty of social media analytics tools out there to help you measure engagement, referrals and opportunity. Find your best and worst performing channels, measure your posting frequency for each channel and identify your top performing social media posts. Use your new-found information to create new objectives and goals – change what is not working into something that will.

Lastly ensure that your branding across all your social media channels is CONSISTENT. When there’s a disconnect between the graphics in your profile images between platforms it is confusing for your clients and followers, and makes it difficult for them to determine if they are following the right company or the official page of your brand.

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