5 Ways You Can Increase Your Engagement on Social Media Today!

how to increase your social media engagement rates

How to Increase Engagement on Social Media

Before we get started with how to increase your social media engagement rate, let’s talk about what ‘engagement’ on social media actually is.


What is Social Media Engagement?

Social media engagement is an umbrella term that encapsulates any interaction a user has with your social media content. This may show they are interested in your post and want to support your business. These include likes, shares, saves or follows. Basically what this indicates is how much your audience is interacting with the content you provide, and how often.

The more engagement your content has, the more well positioned it is in the social media algorithms and the more exposure it will get.

HOT TIP: keep an eye on your competitor’s engagement to determine which content resonates better with your potential customers. Do not copy their content, simply keep an eye on the metrics and use them to your advantage.



1. Post Consistently

If you want to grow your business or online presence, post frequently and consistently to keep your fans engaged and your brand top of mind. Publishing with a regular rhythm can keep your community really engaged, which helps the algorithm keep your content levelling to the top of people’s feeds. And then the more often they’re engaging with it, the more often it’s at the top of theirs. Aim to post at LEAST 3-5 times per week on appropriate social media channels that are relevant to your business (no, you don’t have to be on EVERY SINGLE CHANNEL) and use a content scheduler such as Later.com to make the task easier and less time consuming.


2. Use Your Own Voice

Remember that old adage “Be yourself because everyone else is taken”? It is particularly true for strategies for social media engagement. Don’t be suckered into copying the tone of voice or captions of other social media accounts that are bigger than yours, in order to get a slice of their audience. It won’t happen. Being yourself and posting original content is a much better way to attract your tribe. People who find your content resonates with them are much more likely to engage with you and raise your engagement rates.


3. Share More Video Content

If, like me, you hate having your face on camera, the thought of jumping around in a social media video on Instagram or TikTok brings you out in cold sweats. Video content is absolutely THE BEST way to improve social media engagement and there are ways to do it without showing your face. (Check out my social media because this week I will be posting ALL about engagement and I will have plenty of tips on how you can create faceless videos!)


4. Ask Questions

Human beings like to be involved and they like to share their thoughts. So include some posts in your social media feed that ask your audience to engage with you. Questions such as “what’s your name” are probably going to dive bomb, but questions like “what do you think?” or “how would you do this?” are more likely to elicit a response. You can even use the integrated tips and tricks on different platforms to ask questions of your audience. Instagram enables you to run polls, quizzes, simple yes/no questions and more. Use them daily in your stories as social media engagement tools.


5. Feature Fans and Customers

One of the most effective ways to increase social media engagement is to feature your customers and turn them into advocates for your brand. When you share user-generated content (UGC) on social media, or spotlight a customer, you are providing your audience with proof that your existing customers love your products or services. And you’re also winning the loyalty of the fans whose posts you share by making them feel appreciated.

If your social media engagement rates are not where you want them to be, try these 5 tips consistently and let me know how it works out for you!

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