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THE SOCIAL SCIENCE is a 4 part course designed for business people who know they need to be on social media but are not sure who, where, why what or how! Learn how to manage your own social media and the skills to continue forward with your business in the digital age.

In this course you will :

  • Learn which social media channels are right for YOUR business
  • Define your target market
  • Learn the importance of SEO to your website
  • Create a cohesive brand across social media channels
  • Create a listing on Google MyBusiness
  • Setup business pages and profiles for each of your social media accounts
  • Learn how to post across different channels
  • Link your social media profiles to your website
  • Learn how to use a scheduling app to make posting easier and more timely
  • Learn how to create beautiful, engaging content using free design software and applications
  • Learn how to use insights and data from social media
  • Set up social media advertising
  • Create custom audiences tailored to your customers

This course is limited to 8 participants only so we can ensure that you get a tailored experience and assistance to complete all stages. BOOK YOUR SPOT NOW.

For enquiries and more information, plus a detailed course outline please contact us here.